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Type Manager Title Period Date
Occasional Sungmi Jung A Study on Female Participation in the National Employment Support System and Suggestions for Improving the Female Employment Service System 2021 2022-04-08
Occasional Jeonghye Kim Study on Ways for Legislation to Reinforce the Protection and Support of Stalking Victims 2021 2022-03-11
Occasional Yoo Jin Choi Performance Evaluation and Policy Agenda of National Tasks on Gender Equality 2021 2022-03-11
Occasional Dongsik Kim A study of improving medical access for safe abortion 2020 2022-03-11
Occasional Jae-seon Joo A Study Gender Statistics of The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Soo-Bum Park Ways to Strengthen the Function of Feedback in the Gender Responsive Budget Closing System 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Hyo-Joo Kim Ways to Link the In-depth Evaluation System and the Gender Budgeting System (Ⅲ) 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Jeonghye Kim Ways of Legislative Improvement in Response to Technology-Facilitated Sexual Violence 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Young-Ju Cho Ways of Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation for North Korean Women’s Economic Empowerment (Ⅲ) 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Mijeong Lee The Problem of Protecting Child and Youth Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Policy Response Measures 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Nanjue Kim The Impact of the Maximum 52-hour Work Week on Female Workers and the Challenges Going Forward 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Seon-Mee Shin Study on Women Job at a Time of Digital Transformation (Ⅱ): Career development and social protection system 2021 2022-03-11