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Type Manager Title Period Date
Basic Ye-Seon Kim Migrant Women's Diversity and Policy Approach 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Seon-young Park Ways to Strengthen Gender-sensitive Labor Supervisory Administration: Focusing on the Prevention and Correction of Gender-based Discrimination and Sexual Harassment 2019 2020-03-03
Occasional Nanjue Kim Operation of Employment Equality Counseling Centers: Current Status and Suggestions for Improvement 2019 2020-03-03
Occasional Seon-young Park Legislative Evluation of the Act on Promotion of Economic Activities of Career-interrupted Women, Etc 2020 2020-03-03
Basic Miyoung Gu Gender Perspective Analysis on Labor Law 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Eunjin Oh Change in Jobs for Women Attributed to Technological Development and Counter-streategies (II): Focusing on Platform-based Jobs 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Jihyun Eunice Hong Study on Middle and Old-aged Female Workers' Economic Conditions: Focusing on Retirement Age 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Jongsoog Kim Study on Minimum Wage Changes and Male and Female Wage Earners: Discussion on Industries and Regions 2020 2020-03-03
Basic Bok-Soon Park A Study to Enhance the Effectiveness of Women-aand-Family-Related Legislation (VII): Legal Responses to Diversification of Families 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Hyo Jean Song Research on Policy Measures to Improve Patriarchal Family Ritual Systems: Focus on Funeral Culture 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Gawon Chung A Study on the Policy for Family-friendly Social Environment Formation 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Soo Bum Park An Analysis and Evaluation of Local Government Gender Budgeting and Settelemtn System (V): Performance and Future Tasks 2019 2020-03-03