Work History/Assignments

  1. Dec. 2022 - Present

    Member, Chairperson, Gender Equality Policy Committee, Ministry of Justice.

  2. Oct. 2022 - Present

    Member, Military Human Rights Improvement Council, Ministry of National Defense.

  3. Jul. 2022 - Present

    Member, Proactive Governance Committee, Statistics Korea.

  4. Jan. 2022 - Present

    Member. Military Service Policy Review Committee, Ministry of National Defense.

  5. Nov. 2020 - Present

    Member, Employment Policy Committee, Ministry of Employment and Labor.

  6. Nov. 2020 - Present

    Member, Prevention of Violence Against Women Committee, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

  7. Aug. 2020 - May.2022

    Chairperson, Female Workforce Task Force, The Presidential Committee on Jobs.

  8. Nov.2017 - Feb.2021

    Member, Advisory Committee on Big Data & Statistics Strategy Forum, Statistics Korea.

  9. Dec.2017 - Dec.2019

    Member, Social Security Committee, Office for Government Policy Coordination, Prime Minister's Secretariat.

  10. Jun.2016 - May.2018

    Member, Advisory Committee on Statistics-based Policy Analysis Evaluation, Statistics Korea.

  11. Apr.2014 - Mar.2016

    Member, Terminology Standardization Advisory Committee, Statistics Korea.

  12. Nov.2011 - Jan.2013

    Head, Center for Strategy for Women's Friendly Policy, Korean Women's Development Institute.

Academic History

  1. Jun. 2008 - Nov. 2008

    Visiting Scholar, University of Maryland Harriet Tubman Department of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

  2. Aug. 1998

    Yonsei University, Ph.D. in Sociology.

  3. Feb. 1985

    Yonsei University, M.A. in Sociology.

  4. Feb. 1982

    Yonsei University, B.A. in Sociology.


  1. Gold Medal for Research Merit

    (Dec 31, 2019) by the National Research Council

  2. Industrial Service Medal

    (Sept 1, 2015) by the Statistics Korea for contributing to national industrial development through statistical production

  3. Minister of Gender Equality and Family Award

    (Dec 31, 2012) by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family for contributing to the promotion of women, youth and family policies

  4. Prime Minister's Commendation

    (July 2, 2009) by the Prime Minister's Office for contributing to the improvement of women's status and gender equality

  5. Chairperson's Best Research Project Award

    (May 18, 2000) by the National Research Council for the research entitled, "Status of Women's Unemployment and Countermeasures"

  6. Minister of Labor Award

    (Dec 30, 1995) by the Ministry of Labor for contributing to gender equality in employment

The 16th President

Yookyoung Mun