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Type Manager Title Period Date
Basic Seung-hyun Lee Korean Women Manager Panel 2021 2021-11-01
Basic Jae-seon Joo 2020 Korean Longitudinal Survey of Women & Families 2021 2021-11-01
Basic Young-Ju Cho Ways of Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation for North Korean Women’s Economic Empowerment (Ⅱ) 2021 2021-11-01
Basic Eun-Ji Kim A Paradigm Shift in Policy Responses to Low Birthrate (Ⅱ): Reorganization of Discourse in Response to Low Birthrate 2021 2021-11-01
Basic Seon-young Park Study on Enhancing Effectiveness of Laws concerning Women and Family: Suggestions for Gender-Sensitive Reform of Political Laws 2021 2021-11-01
Basic Ki-Taek Jeon Gender- Sensitive Analysis of Key National Agendas and Improvement Plans (II): Facilitating the Social Economy 2021 2021-11-01
Basic Seon-Mee SHIN Development of Strategies by Sector for Reducing the Gender Gap in the Labor Market (III): Focusing on Gender Segregation across Fields of Study 2021 2021-11-01
Basic Hyo-Joo Kim Ways of Linking the In-Depth Evaluation System to the Gender Budgeting System (Ⅱ) 2021 2021-11-01
Basic Sun-Joo Cho Linking Gender Budgeting with the National Fiscal Management Plan in Korea(Ⅱ) 2021 2021-11-01
Basic Sungmi Jung How Changes in Skills Affect the Gender Wage Gap 2021 2021-11-01
Basic Eun Kyung Kim Analysis of the Role Perceptions and Legislative Performance of National Assemblywomen Elected by Proportional Representation 2021 2021-11-01
Basic Dool-Soon Kim Evaluation of Civil Servants’ Capability on Gender Equality and Policy Suggestions: Focus on the Senior Civil Service 2021 2021-11-01