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Type Manager Title Period Date
Basic Seung-hyun Lee The 2021 Korean Women Manager Panel Survey 2022 2022-10-06
Basic Jae-seon Joo Korean Longitudinal Survey of Women & Families: The 2021 Annual Report 2022 2022-10-06
Basic Young-Ju Cho Ways of Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation for North Korean Women’s Economic Empowerment (Ⅲ) 2022 2022-10-06
Basic Seon-young Park A Study for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Women and Family related Laws (Ⅸ): Ways to Streamline Laws for Strengthening the Promotion of Gender Equality Policy 2022 2022-10-06
Basic Chung Gawon Evaluation of the National Dementia Policy from a Gender Perspective: How to Mainstream “Care” into the Dementia Policy Framework 2022 2022-10-06
Basic Hyo-Joo Kim Ways to Link the In-depth Evaluation System with the Gender Budget (Ⅲ) 2022 2022-10-06
Basic Soo-Bum Park A Study on the Ways to Strengthen the Feedback Function of the Gender Settlement System 2022 2022-10-06
Basic Miyoung Gu Redressing Systemic Employment Discrimination against Women in Korea 2022 2022-10-06
Basic Nanjue Kim The Impact of the Maximum 52-hour Work Week on Female Workers and the Challenges Going Forward 2022 2022-10-06
Basic Yun-Young Nam-Gung A Study on the Measures to Improve the Effective Implementation of Gender Impact Assessment in Central Government of Korea 2022 2022-10-06
Basic Kim Dool-Soon Study on Vitalization of Gender Mainstreaming in Offices of Education 2022 2022-10-06
Basic Jongsoog Kim Changing Industrial Structure and Employment of Women 2022 2022-10-06