President of Korean Women’s Development Institute


    Korean Women’s Development Institute (KWDI) is a government research think-tank under the Prime Minister’s Office of South Korea.
    Since its establishment in 1983, KWDI has led comprehensive research on women and family issues and contributed to promoting women’s participation and welfare in South Korea. Over the years, KWDI has also expanded its mandate into the global arena by disseminating our research results and sharing South Korea’s policy experiences.

    The 16th President

    Yookyoung, Mun

    KWDI will be committed to developing policies that ensure job creation for women, combat unprecedented low birth rate and respond to aging population. We also seek to cope with newly rising issues in Korean society such as misogyny, gender-based violence, and multi-faceted challenges anticipated by the upcoming fourth industrial revolution.

    To meet this demand, KWDI will do its utmost to continue its role as a women’s policy institute in Korea and as a world-class gender institute globally.

    As KWDI continues to navigate this challenging road ahead, I sincerely ask for your unrelenting support and encouragement.

    Thank you.


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