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[KWDI Brief 74] Need to Focus on Work-Life Balance as a Priority Task of Gender Equality Policies 2022-05-30
[KWDI Brief 72] ‘A Single Life’ across Different Generations : Time Use Survey and the Life of Female Single-person Households 2021-12-31
[KWDI Brief 69] South Korea's Dual Labor Market Structure and Low Birth Rate: Focusing on Temporary Employment 2021-12-14
[KWDI Brief 67] Changes in Women's Jobs Attributed to the Introduction of Robots in the Manufacturing Industry 2021-09-30
[KWDI Brief 66] Who in Their 20s Are Opposed to Which Gender Policy? 2021-08-31
[KWDI Brief 64] Changes in Work and Care since COVID-19 and Improvements Needed in Care Policies 2021-06-22
[KWDI Brief 63] Policy Issues for Addressing the Changes in Women’s Employment and Job Crisis After COVID-19 2021-03-08
[KWDI Brief 61] COVID-19 and Gende Violence: Domestic Violence Status and Response 2020-07-31
[KWDI Brief 60] Changes in Families due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and Policy Recommendations 2020-07-25
[KWDI Breif 59] Current Status and Policy Issues of the Crisis for Female Workers Who Have Been Left in the Blind Spot of Employment Safety Net Since the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020-07-22
[KWDI Brief 58] Current Status and Policy Issues of the Crisis in Women's Work amid the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020-07-15
[KWDI Brief 56] About 9 out of 10 South Koreans Support the Enactment of a Special Law Tackling Digital Sexual Crimes and the Prevention of Stalking 2020-06-30