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Type Manager Title Period Date
Basic Eun-Jin Oh Changes in Jobs for Women Attribute to Technological Development and Counter-strategies (I) 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Jongsoog Kim Strageties to Eliminate the Gender Gap in the Labor Market(I): Focusing on Recruitment 2018 2019-01-23
Occasional Minjung Kang A Study on the Performance Analysis and Improvement Suggestions of Family-friendly Certification System 2018 2019-01-23
Occasional You Kyoung Moon Improvement and DIscovery of Policy through Utilization of Gender Big Data 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Jae-seon Joo Korean Longitudinal Survey of Women & Families-the 2017 Annual Report 2017 2018-01-10
Basic Nan-Jue Kim Korean Women Manager Panel 2017 2018-01-10
Basic Inseon Lee Domestic Violence in Korea-Focusing on Spousal Violence and Child Abuse 2017 2018-01-10
Basic Taek-Meon Lee Analysis and Evaluation of Gender Budgeting in Korea(Ⅲ) 2017 2018-01-10
Basic Eun-Jin Oh Analysis and Policy Tasks of Vocational Capability Development System for Women to Enhance a Competency-Based Society(Ⅱ) 2017 2018-01-10
Basic Bok-Tae Kim The Current Situation and Improvement Plan on Human Resource Development of Female Worker in Social Economy Area 2017 2018-01-10
Basic Kyung-Hee Kim Study on Methods to Enhance Effectiveness of GIAA and Strengthen PPP(III)-In the Area of Regional Development 2017 2018-01-10
Basic Eun Ha Chang Strengthening Gender Equality Policy Infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific Region (Ⅶ)-Policy Support for Capacity Building of the Girls 2017 2018-01-10