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Type Manager Title Period Date
Basic Chung Gawon The Current Status of Family Caregiving for Older Adults and Strategies to Help Families through Community Care from Gender Perspective 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Kyung-Hee Kim The current situation of women construction workers and policy suggestions 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Bok-soon Park The Child Maintenance Enforcement and Support System - A 5-Year Evaluation and Measures for Improvement 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Miyoung Gu Survey of Gender-Based Harassment in the Workplace and Policy Implications 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Eun-Jin Oh Study on Women Job at a Time of Digital Transformation (I) - Women Job and its Future 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Jeonghye Kim Study on Limitations of Protection Discourses in Gender-Based Violence Policies and Policy Directions - Focusing on Sexual Violence Prevention Policies 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Sun-Joo Cho Study on Enhancing Effectiveness of Laws concerning Women and Family - Suggestions for Gender-Sensitive Reform of Political Laws 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Mijeong Lee Research on Measures to Enhance the Effectiveness of Violence Prevention Education - Towards Centering Male Participants 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Yi-Seon Kim Policy Measures for the Social Inclusion of Marriage-based Migrant Women - Focusing on Expanding Social Participation 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Seung-hyun Lee Korean Women Manager Panel 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Jae-seon Joo Korean Longitudinal Survey of Women & Families - the 2020 Annual Report 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Sun-Joo Cho How to Link Gender Budgeting with a National Fiscal Management Plan in Korea(Ⅱ) 2020 2021-04-28