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Type Manager Title Period Date
Basic Yun-Young Nam-Gung A Study on the Measures to Improve the Effective Implementation of Gender Impact Assessment in Central Government of Korea 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Sungmi Jung A Study on the Impact of the COVID19 Economic Crisis on the Female Labor Market, with Policy Suggestions 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Yunjeong Choi A Study on the Gender Awareness and Attitude of Youths through Peer Culture (Ⅱ): Focusing on Digital Contents and Online Culture 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Seon-young Park A Study for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Women and Family related Laws (Ⅸ) 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Basic 2020 KWDI Abstract Collection 2020 2021-05-04
Occasional Deuk-kyoung Yoon Preparing Evaluation Standards for Non-consensual Sexual Acts - Research on Case Studies from Korea and Other Countries 2020 2021-04-28
Occasional Mijeong Lee Measures to Improve Support for Child and Youth Victims of Online Sexual Exploitation 2020 2021-04-28
Occasional Bok-Soon Park Legislative Agendas on Women and Families for the 21th National Assembly 2020 2021-04-28
Occasional Mihye Chang Countermeasures to Eradicate Sexual Harassment and Violenc - Research on Performance Evaluation and Improvement Tasks 2020 2021-04-28
Occasional Miyoung Gu Anonymous Reporting Centers for Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination in the Workplace - Analysis of Operational Performance and Measures for Improvement 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Young-Ju Cho Ways of Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation for North Korean Women’s Economic Empowerment (Ⅱ) 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Hyo-Joo Kim Way of Linking the In-Depth Evaluation System to the Gender Budgeting System (Ⅱ) 2020 2021-04-28