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Type Manager Title Period Date
Basic Kim, Dool-Soon Evaluation of Civil Servants’ Capability on Gender Equality and Policy Suggestions: Focus on the Senior Civil Service 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Seon-Mee SHIN Development of Strategies by Sector for Reducing the Gender Gap in the Labor Market (III): focusing on Gender Segregation across Fields of Study 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Eun Kyung Kim Analysis of women proportional representatives on their roles and legislative activities in term of pursuing substantive representation 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Nanjue Kim Analysis of Affirmative Action and Its Impact on Female Employment 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Sungmi Jung A study on the gender wage gap according to skill variation 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Yunjeong Choi A Study on the Gender Awareness and Attitude of Youths through Peer Culture (Ⅰ): Comparison of Gender Awareness and attitude in Peer Culture 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Hyo Jean Song A Study on Changes in Partner Relationship and Economic Vulnerability of Older Women 2020 2021-04-28
Basic Basic 2019 KWDI Abstract Collection 2019 2020-03-03
Occasional Eun Ha Chang Review of Global Agenda on Gender Equality and South Korea's Experience 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Eunjin Oh Korean Women Manager Panel 2019 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Jae-Seon Joo Korean Longitudinal Survey of Women & Families: The 2019 Annual Report 2020 2020-03-03
Basic Sung Mi Jung Using Big Data on Women and Family for Policy Development and Improvement (III) 2019 2020-03-03