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Type Manager Title Period Date
Basic MeeKyoung Moon Research on Female Representation Expansion for the Local Election in 2022 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Sooyeon Lee Measures to Regulate Sexist Hate Speech 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Mijeong Lee Support Measures for Unwed Mothers during Pregnancy and after Childbirth 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Deuk-kyoung Yoon Damage from Online Sexual Violence and Victim Protection 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Jongsoog Kim Study of Policies Supporting Women Entrepreneurs 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Bok tae Kim Analysis of Women NGO and Support Measures for its Vitalization in Realizing Gender Euquality 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Yunjeong Choi Analysis and Policy Suggestions to Promote Gender-Equal Career Education 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Taek-Meon Lee Analysis and Assessment of National Gender Budgeting in Korea(IV) 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Youn Sun Chang An Analysis and Evaluation of Local Government Gender Budgeting and SEttlement SYstem(IV)-Improving Performance Objectives of Gender Budgeting 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Seon-young Park A Study for Effectiveness Enhancement of Women and Family-Related Legislations(VI): How to Modify Legislations for Gender-Mainstreaming 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Dong-Sik Kim Gender Inequalities in Health in Korea: Focusing on Elderly Care and Abuse 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Young-take Kim Policy Tasks for Strengthening Safety by Life Cycle of Women (III) - Focusing on Women Safety in the Workplace 2018 2019-01-23