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Type Manager Title Period Date
Basic Dool-Soon Kim Study on Vitalization of Gender Mainstreaming in the Office of Education 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Young-Ran Kim Research on Childcare Policy after Covid-19 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Miyoung Gu Redressing Systemic Employment Discrimination against Women in Korea 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Sun-Joo Cho Operation of the Gender Budgeting Council and the Gender Budgeting Evaluation Committee 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Seung-hyun Lee Korean Women Manager Panel 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Jae-seon Joo Korean Longitudinal Survey of Women & Families: the 2021 Annual Report 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Dongsik Kim Gender cognitive analysis and improvement tasks for infertile couple support policy in South Korea 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Chung Gawon Evaluation of the National Dementia Policy from a Gender Perspective: How to Mainstream Care into the Dementia Policy Framework 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Jongsoog Kim Changing Industrial Structure and Employment of Women 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Yi-Seon Kim Changes in Agriculture and Rural Areas and the Direction of Gender-Sensitive Policy 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Eun Kyung Kim A Study on the Women’s Underrepresentation of Mayorship in Local Government with a perspective of Gender Justice 2021 2022-03-11
Basic Kitaek Jeon A Study on the Way for Businesses to Adopt the Gender Equality Disclosure System 2021 2022-03-11