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Type Manager Title Period Date
Basic Hyo-Joo Kim Ways of Linking the In-depth Evaluation System to the Gender Budgeting System (I) 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Sun-Joo Cho Ten-Years Evaluation and Future Tasks of Gender Budgeting in Korea (I) 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Youn Sun Chang Policy Recommendations for Gender-responsive Decentralized Governance 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Eun-Ji Kim Paradigm Shift in Policy Responses to Low Birthrates(I): An Analysis of the Gendered Life Perspective and Policy Validation of Youth 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Mijeong Lee After the Me Too Movement: Current Status of University Student Victims of Sexual Violence in Arts and Culture, and Policy Issues Ahead 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Minjung Kang Strategy Development to Eliminate the Gender Gap in the Labor Market(II): Focusing on Working Place Culture 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Kyung-Hee Kim Review of the Effectiveness of Gender Impact Assessment and Development of its Cooperation System[IV]: Focus on National Research Development Programmes 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Young-Sook Kim A Gender-Sensitive Analysis of Government Projects in Culture and Tourism and Imts Implications for Improving Their Efficiency 2018 2019-01-23
Basic SeungAh Hong Study of Strategies for Responding to Low Fertiity from the Perspective of Gender Equality: Comparative Analysis of Korea and Japan 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Yi-Seon Kim Gender Inequality in Multicultural Families: Reality and Policy Implications 2018 2019-01-23
Basic Young-ran Kim A Study on the Improvement of Gender Inequality in the Measurement of Time Spent on Housework 2018 2019-01-23
Basic MeeKyoung Moon Research on Female Representation Expansion for the Local Election in 2022 2018 2019-01-23