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Type Manager Title Period Date
Basic Dong-Sik Kim Policy Directions and Challenges on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Korean Women 2020 2020-03-03
Occasional Mijeong Lee A Study on the Survey on Violence Against Women: Analysis and Measurs for Improvement 2019 2020-03-03
Occasional Deuk-kyoung Yoon Analysis on Prosecutor's Office Statistics on Violence against Women(II): Focusing on Digital Sexual Crimes and False Accusation 2019 2020-03-03
Occasional Bok-soon Park Analysis of the Prosecution's Statistics on Violence against Women (I): Focusing on Crimes of Domestic Violence 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Dong-Sik Kim Gender and Health Inequality in Korea (III): Focusing on Body Obession and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Mi-Hye Chang Gender-sensitive Analysis of Image-based Sexual Abuse Crime Response 2019 2020-03-03
Occasional Young-Ju Cho Rudimentary Study for the Transition of Discourses on Military Service 2019 2020-03-03
Occasional Mee-kyung Moon Increasing the Number of Female Managers in Public Services: Status by Occupation and Policy Issues 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Young-Ju Cho Ways of Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation for North Korean Women's Economic Empowerment (I) 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Yunjeong Choi The Study on Practical Needs and Strategies for the Gender Awareness Program in School 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Jiso Yoon Political Consciousness and Empowerment of Young Women in South Korea 2019 2020-03-03
Basic Eun Kyung Kim Research on the Status and Roles of Female Staff in Political Parties with a Focus on Their Experiences of Internal and External Networking 2019 2020-03-03