In Hee Choi
Group Division for Work and Life Research Position Senior Research Fellow
Major/Work Gerontology Tel 02-3156-7105
Education - Ph.D./ University of Southern California, USA
- M.I.P.A/ University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
- B.A./ Seoul Women’s University
Career - Lecturer, Seoul Women’s University, Ajou University, Incheon National University
- Research Assistant, University of Southern California, USA
- Intern, National Academy of Social Insurance, USA
An area of study family caregiving, long-term care policy, family policy
Research performance (Resarch Publications)
- The 4th survey on the creation of a family-friendly community environment (2018)
- Specific Gender Impact Assessment on the long-term care workforce (2018)
- A study for the re-establishment of sustainable care policy (2018)
- A study of the amendment of the 3rd action plan for family poliy (2018)
- A study on the status of sole-parent families (2018)
- Study of strategices for responding to low fertility from the perspective of gender equality: Comparative analysis of Korea and Japan (2018)
- Male caregivers' experience of elderly caregiving: Focusing on the burden and transiton to a caregiver role (2016)
- Measures to strengthen the implementation of policies for the creation of a family-friendly social environment (2016)
- Studies on the management of a social organization for discussion of family diversity (2016) (정책연구)
- Profile of childless couples in Korea and related implications for family policy (2015)
- The 3rd survey on the creation of a family-friendly community environment (2015)
- Preliminary study for the development of an international family-friendly social environment index (2015)
- Policy projects for elderly women’s active life (Ⅲ): Promotion of social activities in community (2015)
- Study on the 3rd action plan for family policy (2015)
- A study on the status of sole-parent families (2015)
- A study on development strategy of in-home child care service (2015)
- The family life of men aged 50 and older in Korea: Focusing on retirement and readjustment of family life (2014)
- Family caregiving in an aging society: Evaluation of the current family support system and policy implications (2014)
- Policy projects on elderly women’s active life in step with 100-year-old-era (Ⅱ): Capability building through later life planning (2014)
- The effects of family-friendly practices: Benefits to employers and employees (2014)
- Work and family reconciliation of working fathers and its improvements (2014)
- Gender impact assessment on long-term care insurance (2013)
- Reinforcement in HRD infrastucture and capacity development for elderly women in later-life stages (2013)
- The profile of family caregiving as provided by female older adults in Korea  (2012)
- The impact of the Korean long-term care insurance system on the beneficiaries and their family caregivers: Focusing on quality of life and family relationships (2011)
- Research on the life-worlds of grandparents-grandchildren households and policy implications (2011)
- A study on the family policy tasks in preparation for the centenarian society (2011)
- Generation conflicts experienced by old men and women and measures for generation cohesion in Korea (2010)
- Family changes and family support policies in Korea and China (2010)

- The impact of grandparenting on life satisfaction among female older adults: Focusing on the effects of grandmothers’ willingness to care and subjective perceptions of grandparenting (2014)
- Characteristics of certified family care providers and informal caregivers, and predictors of their caregiving burden (2013)
- The impact of the Korean long-term care insurance system on its family caregivers: Focusing on family caregiving arrangement (2013)
- The human rights of elderly people from the perspective of universal human rights principles in international laws (2011)
- Building an infrastructure to prevent falls in older Californians: The fall prevention center of excellence (2007) - Creating elder-friendly communities: Preparations for an aging society (2007)
- Evidence-based interventions in fall prevention (2006)