Sung Hyun Lee
Group Division for Women's Visions Research Position Research Fellow
Major/Work Business Administration, Media Engineering Tel 02-3156-7246
Education - Bechelor of Business Administration / Ewha Womans University, Seoul, KOREA
- Master of Business Administration / Ewha Womans University, Seoul, KOREA
- Doctor of Media Engineering / Ewha Womans University, Seoul, KOREA
An area of study female Cooperation & jobs for women, management & technological innovation
Research performance (Resarch Publications)
- Korean Women Manager Panel(2019-2021)
- Analysis Report on the Statistics of training and utilization of Women in Science, Engineering & Technology(2021)
- A Study on the Obstacles and Improvement Measures for Expanding Female Executives by Industry: Focusing on the ICT Industry(2020)
- Planning and research on career path survey for male and female scientists(2020)
- Strategy Development to Eliminate the Gender Gap in the Labor Market(Ⅱ): focusing on working place culture(2019)
- Changes in women's participation in the organization and direction of organizational innovation: Analysis of the impact of technological development on women's jobs(2019)
- Support plan for fostering female executives in the financial sector(2019)
Women's Jobs in the Creative Economy(2): Creating Jobs by Enhancing the Social Economy(Korean Women's Development Institute, 2015)
-  Research on Implementation Plans for Reinforcing Employment Competency of Marriage Immigrants(Korean Women's Development Institute, 2015)
- A Preliminary Study on Developing New NIS for Enhancing Creative Economy in Korea(Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning, 2013)
- A Study on Future Strategic Planning for Advancement of the National Measurement System, 2012)
- Research for viyalizing public relations of Korea Polar Research based on new media(Korea polar research Institute, 2012)
- Study of designing nuclear and radiation safety ODA strategy to support developing countries in accordance with the CAS(Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, 2011)
- Planning of Official Development Assistance Programs of Supporting Nuclear Safety Export, 2011)
- A Preliminary Study on Atomic Energy Technology Readiness Assessment(Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, 2011)
- Development of Agenda for Round Table Meeting between Korea and ASEAN(Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, 2010)

- A Study on highly educated women’s Retirement and Career Interruption in their 30s(The Journal of Eurasian Studies, 2017)
- Creative Imitation as Catch-up Strategy: A Business Model(Asian Journal of Innovation and Policy, 2016)
- Performance Effect of the Fits between Industrial Environment, Innovation Capacity and Innovation: Focusing on Innovation-Intensive Korean Firms(Asian Journal of Innovation and Policy, 2015)
- Congruity effects of self-image, functions and values of customers on the satisfaction and loyalty to social enterprise based on the Beautiful Store(The Journal of Eurasian Studies, 2015)