Dongsik Kim
Group Division for Gender-based Violence Research Position Senior Research Fellow
Major/Work Public Health Tel 02-3156-7156
Education - 2005.03 ~ 2008.08   PhD in Public Health, School of Public Health, Seoul National University, Korea
- 2003.03 ~ 2005.02   MPH in Health Policy and Management, School of Public Health, Seoul National University, Korea
- 1995.03 ~ 2003.02   BA in Health Care Management, Kosin University, Korea
Career 2009.12 ~ present   Senior Research Fellow, Korean Women’s Development Institute
An area of study Gender and Health, Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Sports Rights, Vulnerable People and Human rights, Disaster and Gender Inequality
Research performance (International Journal)
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(Domestic Journal)
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(Major Projects)
- Working Conditions and Health Status among Korean Domestic Workers (2015, Korea Women’s Development Institute)
- Gender Impact Assessment on Disaster and Safety Management Policies(2015, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
- A Comprehensive Study to Resolve the Japanese Military‘Comfort Women’ Issue (Ⅰ) (2015, Korea Women’s Development Institute)
- Life Conditions and Policy Satisfaction of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan(2015, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
- Basic Survey on National Action Plan(2015, National Human Rights Commission of Korea)
- Debates and Implications on Contraception and Abortion Policy: Focusing on Women’s Reproductive Health Right(2014, Korea Women’s Development Institute)
- Health Status for the Victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery and Policy Implications (2014, Korea Women’s Development Institute)
- Preconception Care and Policy Recommendations for Unmarried Women of Childbearing Age: Focusing on School and Community Based Reproductive Health Education (2014, Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs)
- Development of Standardized Guideline on Labor Environment Improvement for  Military Pregnant(2014, Ministry of National Defense)
- Analyzing the Determinants of Suicide Risks and the Differences in Suicide Deaths among Areas (2014, Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs)
- Assessment of Medical Cost Programs among High Risk Pregnant(2014, Korea Population and Health Welfare Association)
- Gender Impact Assessment on Community Health Promotion Programs(2014, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
- Work-Family Conflict and Health Impact among Korean Women in Dual-Earner Families: focused on Working Hours (2013, Korea Women’s Development Institute)
- Advanced Maternal Age Women and Adverse Birth Outcomes in Korea (2013, Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs)
- A Study on the Foreign Cases for the Strategies for Promoting Women’s Health Policy in Korea (2013, Korea Women’s Development Institute)
- Prevalence of conflicts and social pathologies at individual level and counter measures in Korea (2013, Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs)
- Gender Analysis on the Outcomes of Agricultural Safety Programs(2013, Rural Development Administration)
- The Sexual Violence Survey in 2013 (2013, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
- Improving the Assessment of Facilities for Victims Violence against Women(2013, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
- A Gender Perspective on Adolescent Health and Policy Issues (2012, Korea Women’s Development Institute)
- A study on mental conditions of sexual assault victims and policy agenda (2012, Korea Women’s Development Institute)
- An Analysis on the Causes of Decreased Physical Activity Participation Rate (2012, Ministry of Health and Welfare)
- Maternal Age and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Korea: A Comprehensive Approach to Prenatal Care (2011, Korea Women’s Development Institute)
- A study on health conditions of the elderly women and policy agena at the times of reaching up to 100 years old (2011, Korea Women’s Development Institute)
- Gender Impact Assessment on the national screening health tasks: Centering on general health screening task, health screening task at life transitional time, health screening task for cancer, and health screening task for youth (2011, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)