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[Issue Paper] Digital Transformation and the Future of Women’s Labor 2021-11-10
[Issue Paper] The Experience of Cohabitation without Marriage among Older Women and Policy Implications 2021-08-31
[Issue Paper] Shifting the Direction of Gender-Based Violence Prevention Policies as Equality Policies 2021-07-30
[Issue Paper] Policy Recommendations to Achieve Gender Equality for Women Construction Workers 2021-07-15
[Issue Paper] Measures to Reduce the Gender Gap in the Labor Market as a Result of Gender Segregation across Fields of Study 2021-06-30
[Issue Paper] A Study on Gender Awareness and Attitude of Youths through Peer Culture (I): Comparison of Gender Awareness and Attitude in Peer Culture 2021-06-15
[Issue Paper] The Need for Policy Efforts to Prevent Sexually Discriminatory Words and Acts That Infringe on Women's Labor Rights 2021-05-28
[Issue Paper] Community Care for the Elderly Reflecting the Perspective of Family Care providers 2021-05-15
[Issue Paper] Gender Differences in the Life Persperspective of Youth, and the Root Causes of Low Birthrates 2020-10-31
[Issue Paper] Improving the Operation of Employment Equality Counseling Centers: Voices from the Field 2020-07-31
[Issue Paper] Current Status of Streotypes about Gendered Bodies and Body Obsession in Korean Society 2020-07-15
[Issue Paper] A Review on the Characteristics of Female Workers Affected by the COVID 19 Crisis and an Analysis of Income Security Policies Addressing COVID 19 From a Gender Perspective 2020-05-31