Jung Im Hwang
Group Division for Gender-based Violence Research Position Senior Research Fellow
Major/Work Social Welfare Tel 02-3156-7146
Education - Ph.D. in Social Welfare(Policy), Ewha Womens University ­
- MSW in Social Welfare, Ewha Womens University
- B.A. in Social Welfare, Ewha Womens University
Career - 2014 ~ Present. Advisory Committee Member of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for Four Social Hazards Eradication
­- 2014 ~ Present. Operation Committee Member of Seoul Community Solidarity for Protecting Children and Women
­- 2013 ~ Present. Self Evaluation Committee Member of Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
- 2012 ~ 2012. Private Expert Committee Member of Office for Government Policy Coordination Prime Minister’s Secretariat for Government Affairs Evaluation
- 1996.12 ~ Present. Senior Research Fellow, Korean Women’s Development Institute
An area of study Social Welfare(Poverty), Welfare for Women, Women’s Right(Prostitution, Sexual Violence, Domestic Violence)
Research performance - Preliminary Study for the 2016 Survey of Sexual Violence in the Military (2015)
­- A Study for Establishing the Third National Action Plan for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights Recommendations(the Socially Underprivileged and the Vulnerable Group) (2015)
­- Manual Development for Harassment Prevention and Solution For Managers (2015)
­- An Analysis for Living Status and Satisfaction on Policy of  Japanese Military ‘Comfort Women’ (2015)
­- Restructuring of Public Welfare Service Delivery System and Measures for Collaborative Operation of Women and Family Welfare Service Delivery System (2014)
­- Development of Performance Indicators and Measuring Tools for Rainbow Schools (2014)
­- Preparation of Wage Guidelines for Facility Workers and Measures for Strengthening Facility Capabilities (2014)
­- Performance and Future Tasks and of Prostitution Law over Ten Years (2014)
­- An Analysis for Living Status and Satisfaction on Policy of  Japanese Military ‘Comfort Women’ (2014)
­- The Follow-up Measures after Implementation of Single-Parent Family Support Act (2014)
­- A Study on Planning the Comprehensive Strategies for Single-Parent Families (2014)
­- The Sexual Violence Survey in 2013 (2013)
­- The Domestic Violence Survey in 2013 (2013)
­- Research on the Housing of Female-Headed Households and Policy Measures - Focusing on Unmarried Single-Person Households and Low-Income Single-Parent Families in Urban Areas (2013)
­- A Study on the Assessment of Treatment Facilities OF Violence against Women (2013)
­- An Analysis for Living Status and Satisfaction on Policy of  Japanese Military ‘Comfort Women’ (2013)
­- A Study on the Improvement of Treatment Facilities of Violence against Women (2012)
­- Study on the Support Policies on the Child Care Expenses for Single-Parent Families (2012)
­- Analysis and Evaluation on Gender Budgeting(Ⅱ) : An Examination of the Effectiveness of National Gender Budgeting and an Overview on the Operation Efficiency of Local Gender Budgeting (2012)
­- 2012 Demand Survey of Policy for Women (2012)
­- 2012 Women Policy Strategic Center (2012)
­- Improving the Assessment of Facilities for Victims Violence against Women (2012)
­- 2012 Evaluation of the Integrated Support Centers for Sexual Assault Victims(2012)
­- Development of Performance Indicators for ‘Basic Plan for Multicultural Family Policy’ (2012)
­- Analysis and Evaluation on Gender Budgeting (Ⅰ) : Analyzing National Gender Budget Statement & Balance Sheet and Implementing Plans for Gender Budgeting System at Local Level (2011)
­- A Study on the Improvement of Infrastructure to Prevent Sexual Violence and Protect and Support the Victims (2011)
­- Comprehensive Analysis on Gender Budget Statement and Balance Sheet (2011)
­- A Study for Implementation Assessment of the 3rd Basic Plan and Formulation of the 4th Basic Plan for Women’s Policy (2011)
- A Study for Making Women's, Youth and Family Policies More Efficient and Creating the Policy Linkages in the Areas of Care giving and Safety (2011)