Dong Sun, Lee
Group Center for Information and Knowledge Sharing Position Center Director
Major/Work Public Administration(Public Policy) Tel 02-3156-7268
Education Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea                
- Ph. D. in Public Policy, 2013
- M.A. in Public Policy, 2007
- B.S. in Statistics, B.A. in Women’s Studies, 2001
Career - Korean Women’s Development Institute
- Visiting Scholar in San Jose State University
- Lecturer in Kookmin University, Sangji University, Seoul National University
An area of study Welfare Policy, Work-Family Reconciliation Policy, Organizational Behavior, Gender culture in organization
Research performance [Research Report]
- Current Status and Challenges for Gender Equality and Diversity: With a Focus on NRC and Affiliate Research Institutes (National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences, 2021)
- Korean Longitudinal Survey of Women & Families (Korean Women’s Development Institute, 2020/2019)
- Policy Countermeasures for mitigating COVID-19 Impacts on Economy, Industry, and Society ( National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences, 2020)
- Women in Korea 2019 (Korean Women’s Development Institute, 2019)
- Analysis of the relationship between gender role recognition, gender division and women’s economic participation (Korea Labor Institute, 2019)
- Survey on discrimination of pregnancy, childbirth and parents leaves (National human rights commission of the republic of Korea, 2018)
- Research on Women Friendly City Development Plan by Implementation Stage (Korean Women’s Development Institute, 2017)
- The Second long-term development plan for women’s policies in Ansan city (Ansan-Si, 2016)
- A Study on Performance Analysis and Improvement Strategies for Gender-Equality City Project in 2015 (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, 2015)
- A Study on Developing an Information Knowledge Service Model to Support SMEs with Strong Potential Growth (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, 2014)

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