Seon Mee Shin
Group Division for Women's Visions Research Position Senior Research Fellow
Major/Work Sociology of Education Tel 02-3156-7125
Education - 2002. 6. Ph. D. in Education Dept.of Sciences of Education, University of Paris 8, France
Doctoral Dissertation:“Le mode de production de la force de travail et les rapports sociaux d'enseignement”
- 1990. 8. M.A. in Education Dept.of Sciences of Education, University of Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
- 1988. 2. B.A. in Home Economics Dept.of Home Economics, Seoul, Korea
Career - 2012. 7. - present. Senior Research Fellow, Korean Women's Development Institute, Seoul Korea
- 2002. 12. - 2012. 7. Research Fellow,  Korean Women's Development Institute, Seoul Korea
- 1991-1998. Researcher, National Youth Policy Institute, Seoul Korea
An area of study Girls' & Women's Career Development, Women in Sciences and Technology
Research performance (Resarch Publications)
- Career Planning, Employment, and Career Development among Young Female High School Graduates(2014)
- Gender Impact Assessment on National R&D Programs(2014)
- Preliminary Investigation of How to Resolve Gender Gap(2014)
- Survey of Korean Dual Work-Learning Systems(2014)
- Effects of Employment Preparation Activities, and Support Measures for Female College & University Graduates(2013)
- Support Plan to Improve Vocational Competency of Female College Students in Science, Engineering & Technology(2013)
- Evaluation of National Universities on the Action Plan for Gender Equality(2012)
- Research Repport for Publicating a white paper of Women in Science & Technology(2012)
- A Survey on Career Development of POSTECH Female Graduates(2011)
- Miss-Maching Between Education and Employment in Doctor’s Job Market(2010)
- How to Attract Highly Qualified Women to the Business Services Sector(2009)
- Survey on Women Students’ Perception of Employment. Seoul(2008)
- Education & Training of Highly Qualified Women Scientists and Engineers in the Next Generation Growth Engine(2006)
-  Action plan to promote the training and utilization of female human resources in information, communication & industrial resources sectors(2006).
- Guidelines for Female Students on Career Development and Occupational Guidance(2005)

- Korean Human Resources in Science and Technology (co-author)(KRIVET, 2007)
- Education Excellence in the World(co-author)(KEDI, 2007)
- Spectrum of University Admissions and Educational Systems(co-author)(Hakjisa, 2007)

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