2015 KWDI Abstract Collection

    Type ABSTRACT Period 2015
    Manager Abstract Date 2016-01-05
    File 2015_Eng_Abstract.pdf [ 720.11 KB ]

    Table of Contents

    1. Profile of childless couples in Korea and related implications for family policy 1
    2. Monitoring on Online Sexism and Development of the Monitoring Tool 5
    3. Analysis and Evaluation of Gender Budgeting in Korea(Ⅳ) 8
    4. A Study on the Child Support Measures for Grandparents in the Dual-income Households 12
    5. Policy Measures to Support School-Age Children of Vulnerable Families 15
    6. Study on the Legislative Adjustment for the Integrative Operation of Protection and Support of Female Victims of Violence 17
    7. Strengthening Gender Equality Policy Infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific Region (V): Dissemination of Research Results and Measures for Expanding South Korea's Gender ODA 20
    8. Improving the Effectiveness of Institutions for Gender Mainstreaming in Enhancing Gender Equality 23
    9. Effectiveness of Election Laws and Systems Related to Women’s Political Representation 26
    10. Measures for Operating Cooperative Networks to Strengthen Support for Single-parent Families 29
    11. Research on the Measures to Strengthen the Effectiveness of Women and Family-Related Legislations (Ⅲ): In-depth Analysis of Childbirth Credit 31
    12. Research on the Measures to Strengthen the Effectiveness of Women and Family-Related Legislations (Ⅲ): Examples of Legislation of Foreign Nations Concerning the Application of mployment Insurance to Part-time Workers 36
    13. Policy Projects for Elderly Women’s Active Life (Ⅲ): Promotion of Social Activities in Community 41
    14. Migrants' Family Formation and Policy Approach 49
    15. Analysis of Support Provided for Drafting Local Government Gender Budget Statements and Statements of Accounts 53
    16. A Study on Corporations’ Formal and Informal Network Characteristics on Gender and Its Effect 58
    17. Impact of government policies on women’s employment and policy suggestions for improvement in different fields 61
    18. Working Conditions and Health Status among Korean Domestic Workers 71
    19. Current situation of women's safety in local setting and ways to strengthen capability to respond to crisis: centered in Seoul Metropolitan City 73
    20. Measures for the Vitalization of Substitute Workers to Support the Coexistence of Work and Family  76
    21. Korean Longitudinal Survey of Women and Families: The 2015 Annual Report  78
    22. A Comprehensive Study to Resolve the Japanese Military‘Comfort Women’ Issue (Ⅰ) 82
    23. Korean Women Manager Panel 87
    24. Establishing the Roles of the Women’s Employment Support Center and Policy Agenda after the Restructuring of the Employment-Welfare Service Delivery Systems 90
    25. Support for Child, Youth, and Disabled Victims of Sexual Violence: Current Situation and Measures to Improve Policy 93
    26. A Study on the Improvements of the Legal System for Protection of Children of Multicultural Families 95
    27. Family Change and Policy Development: based on the analysis of gender, generation, and social class 98
    28. Women's Jobs in the Creative Economy(Ⅱ): Creating Jobs by Enhancing the Social Economy 103
    29. Prevention of Workplace Bullying among Women Workers: Survey Analysis and Policy Suggestions 106
    30. Management Stratigies and Methods for Gender Impact Assessment following the Implementation of the Gender Impact Analysis and Assessment Act (Ⅲ): Development of Performance Index and Performance Analysis 114
    31. Evaluation of the Outcomes of Gender Impact Analysis and Assessment in Incheon and Improvement Strategies 117
    32. Evaluation of the Outcomes of Gender Impact Analysis and Assessment in JeollaNam-do and Improvement Strategies 122
    33. Basic Research on Korean Men’s Life (Ⅱ): Focus on the conflict in values of young men concerning gender equality 125
    34. Women and family policy implementation strategies in preparation for national reunification and prospects for social integration in reunified Korea (I) 129
    35. How to enhance social integration after the unification: Role of social care services 132
    36. Link strategies between gender budgeting and performance budgeting 134
    37. Study on the Establishment of the First Basic Plan on Gender Equality 135
    38. A Study on the utilization of childcare leave of public servants in local governments 137
    39. Measures to apply industry-specific characteristics by business type in the certification system for family-friendly corporations 139
    40. Analysis of Indicators for Improvement of Women’s Social Status in 2015 142
    41. The Actual Condition and Improvement Plans of Violence Prevention Programs in Preschool and Daycare Center 144
    42. Gender Analysis of Policies for Stabilizing the Livelihood of the Disabled in the Community 147
    43. A Study on the Meaning of Abolition of Adultery from Family Policy Perspectives and Future Policy Plans  151
    44. Research on measures to prevent campus sexual harrassment and sexual violence and strengthen victim protection 155
    45. A research on discrimination in personnel management as using the parental leave and flexible working in government sector 158
    46. Linkage Strategies for Employment Success Package and Saeil Center(Career Development Center for career interrupted women) 160
    47. Study on the Revitalization of Policy Improvement through Gender Impact Analysis and Assessment with a Storytelling Method 163
    48. An Empirical Study for Linking Gender Budgeting and Gender Impact Assessments 166
    49. Research on Implementation Plans for Reinforcing Employment Competency of Marriage Immigrants 168
    50. Research on Measures to Improvethe Survey on Sex Trade 172
    51. Causes for Cover-Ups of Sexual Harassment in Public Offices and Suggestions for Improvement: With Focus on Central and Local Governments 174


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