Total 518
    Type Manager Title Period Date
    Basic In-Hee Choi Male caregivers’experience of elderly caregiving: Focusing on the burden and transition to a caregiver role 2017 2017-11-01
    Basic Sooyeon Lee South Korean gender equality policy and measures to increase its effectiveness 2017 2017-11-01
    Basic Mijeong Lee The Protection of Victims of Sexual Violence in the Military: Problems and Recommendations for Improvement 2017 2017-11-01
    Basic Dongsik Kim Characteristics of smokers and drinkers by gender and life stage and directions for gendersensitive smoking and drinking cessation policies 2017 2017-11-01
    Basic Yung-taek Kim Measures to Improve Policies on Occupational Safety and Health & Industrial Accident Insurance Related to Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 2017-11-01
    Basic Sung-Jung Park Ways to Strengthen the Functions of Universities to Cultivate Talented Adult Women 2017 2017-11-01
    Basic Minjung Kang Policy Agendas on the Establishment and Expansion of Female Human Resources System for Small-and Medium- Sized Enterprises 2017 2017-11-01
    Basic Meekyung Moon A study on Human Resource Management(HRM) to develop Female Managersin Public Sector 2017 2017-11-01
    Basic Yunjeong Choi Competencies of Korean Women and Its Implications: Comparative analysis based on OECD PIAAC 2017 2017-11-01
    Basic Inseon Lee A Comprehensive Study to Resolve the Japanese Military ‘Comfort Women’ Issue (Ⅱ): Psychodynamic Assessment on Psychosocial Aftereffects of the Victims of Japanese Military ‘Comfort Women’System 2017 2017-11-01


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