Single female elderly households numbered 1,431,872 as of 2015

    Date 2018-01-01
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    This graph demonstrates the number of single female and male elderly households by marital status in 2015, based on the 2015 Population and Housing Census from the Statistics Korea. The number of single elderly households over 60 was 1,889,096, of which single female elderly households were 1,431,972 households. This figure is more than 3.1 times higher than single male elderly households (457,124 households).
    When looking by marital status, the biggest share was taken by ‘bereaved’ in both female and male households, followed by ‘divorced,’ ‘married but separated,’ and ‘unmarried.’ As to women, ‘bereaved’ households numbered 1,190,756, which accounted for 83.2%. The second biggest share, ‘divorced’ households numbered 124,170, which accounted for 8.6%. On the other hand, 41.4% of single male elderly households were ‘bereaved’ (189,070 households) and 30.8% of them were ‘divorced’ (140,736 households). In addition, it was found that 90,393 elderly men were living alone even though they had a partner.
    As life expectancy increases, single elderly households are expected to rise consistently. In this context, it is high time to get prepared for the future.


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