2016 Labour Force Participation Rate by Sex in Major OECD Countries

    Date 2018-02-13
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    This is the result of examining the labour force participation rate* of major OECD countries. In all compared countries, the labour force participation rate of male was higher than that of female, and the gaps differed among countries.

    In Korea, the labour force participation of male was 73.9%, the second highest among the eleven countries, next to Sweden(74.4%), followed by Australia(70.6%), Japan(70.4%) and the Netherlands(69.6%). In the United Kingdom(69.3%), and the United States(69.2%), male labour force participation was relatively high. On the other hand, Italy(59.3%), and France(60.7%) were relatively low in labour force participation by male.

    Examining the female labour force participation, Korea(52.1%) was placed eighth place among the eleven countries compared. Female Labour force participation rate was also the highest in Sweden(69.6%), while Australia(59.2%), the Netherlands(58.7%), and the United Kingdom(58.0%) showed relatively high result. Low female labor force participation can also be witnessed in Italy(40.4%) and France(51.7%), while Japan(50.4%) showed relatively low rate.

    Looking at the labour force participation gap according to sex, Korean male outpaced women by 21.8%p, which was much larger than that of Sweden(4.8%p) and France (9.0%p). And even compared to Italy(18.9%p) and Japan(20.0%p), Korea was observed to have the largest difference among the countries examined.



    *Labor force participation rate: The ratio of economically active population (employed + unemployed) among the population over 15 years old (the age is different for each country) can be calculated by the following formula: {(Economically active population)/(population over 15 years old)}*100


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