Female regular workers numbered 4,586,626 in 2015

    Date 2018-01-30
    File 09_e.jpg [ 101.15 KB ]

    This graph demonstrates the number of employees by employment type and gender according to the Labor Force Survey at Establishments from the Ministry of Employment and Labor. In 2015, the total number of female workers was 6,907,004 persons, of which regular workers accounted for 66.4% (4,586,626 persons). Female temporary or on-call workers accounted for 16.8% (1,160,201 persons), and independent or self-employed workers 6.8% (473,001 persons). As to male, 75.5% (7,564,743 persons) out of the total male workers (10,013,379 persons) were regular workers. This was followed by temporary or on-call workers (12.8%, 1,282,597 persons) and independent or self-employed workers (7.1%, 711,989 persons). Unpaid workers numbered 454,050 persons. This statistics illustrates that the share of regular workers is lower in females as compared to males while that of temporary or on-call workers or unpaid workers is relatively higher.


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