Two-thirds of the reasons for women being economically inactive are childcare and housework as of 2016

    Date 2018-01-23
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    This is the supplementary results of the Economically Active Population Survey conducted by the Statistics Korea as of 2016. The economically inactive female population totaled 10,604 thousand persons, of which 7,043 thousand women were economically inactive due to the following reasons: ‘childcare (1,350 thousand persons),’ ‘housework (5,693 thousand persons),’ ‘studying (1,906 thousand persons),’ and ‘getting aged (888 thousand persons).’  The economically inactive male population totaled 5,564 thousand persons, and the biggest share was taken by ‘studying’ (2,090 thousand persons). It was followed by ‘others’ (1,764 thousand persons) which includes preparation for employment or studying, military service, taking a break, etc. and ‘being aged’ (1,273 thousand persons). It worths noting that the number of economically inactive men who chose ‘childcare’ or ‘housework’ was very small: seven thousand persons and 154 thousand persons. In comparison with women, it is clear that childcare and housework responsibilities are still shouldered by women.


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