Female chief project managers of national research projects accounted for 14.6% in 2016

    Date 2017-12-18
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    This graph demonstrates the distribution of chief project managers who lead national research projects by age and gender. This data is based on the analysis made by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP). As of 2016, the number of female chief project managers was 5,147 (14.6%) while the male managers numbered 30,102. As the age goes up, the percentage of female chief project managers declined. When a manager was under 30, there were 435 female managers and 673 male managers: women’s share in this group reached 39.3%. In the age group of 31-40 the percentage of women decreased by 13.5%p, reaching 25.8% (1,634 women and 4,695 men). In the age group of 41-50, the percentage of female chief project managers dropped further to 13.8% (2,014 women and 13,168 men). In the age groups over 50, the percentage of women was even lower: between 51-60, it was 8.2%; between 61-70, it was 5.5%; and over 71, no female chief project manager was found whereas there were 70 male managers.


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