Single female households numbered 2,896,095 as of 2015

    Date 2018-01-08
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    According to the 2015 Population and Housing Census from the Statistics Korea, the total number of single households over 15 was 5,211,133 households. For more than a decade, the figure has shown a sharp increase every five years when the census was carried out: two million in 2000; three million in 2005; four million in 2010; and over five million in the 2015 census.
    The number of single female households was 2,896,095 households in 2015, which accounted for 55.6%. When looking by marital status, the biggest percentage of single female households was taken by ‘bereaved’ females (1,314,509 households, 45.4%), which was followed by ‘unmarried’ females (944,371 households, 32.6%), ‘divorced’ females (404,965 households, 14.0%), and ‘married but separated’ females (232.250 households, 8.0%). On the other hand , the biggest percentage of single male households was taken by ‘unmarried’ (1,339,993 households, 57.9%). Followings were ‘divorced’ (404,712 households), ‘married but separated’ (352,957 households, 15.2%), and ‘bereaved’ (217,376 households, 9.4%).



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