Number of Incidents of Traffic Accidents by Sex (1998~2016)

    Date 2018-08-28

    This is the result of a survey on the number of traffic accidents and the ratio of women by driver at every three years from 1998 to 2016 through the traffic accident statistics data of the road traffic corporation. It can be seen that the number of traffic accidents of female drivers since 1998 has been increasing overall. Looking at specific figures, it increased from 20,232 cases in 1998 to 34,847 cases in 2003, 1.7 times more than in 1998, and increased by more than 1.8 times in 2010 to 37,135 cases. In 2016, there were 43,506 traffic accidents involving female drivers, a 2.2-fold increase from 1998.


    Male drivers' traffic accidents have been declining, from 213,154 in 1998 to 191,561 in 2004 and 171,325 in 2013. In 2016, the number of traffic accidents among male drivers was 172,177.


    The proportion of female traffic accidents in drivers increased steadily from 8.7% in 1998, 15.8% in 2007, 16.9% in 2010, and 20.2% in 2016. This is 2.3 times more than in 1998, and it can be seen that more than one out of five traffic accidents in 2016 is a female driver accident.


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