2001~2016 Current Status of Use of C-Section

    Date 2018-08-07

    This is the result of examining the status of cesarean delivery for five years since 2001 through the National Health Insurance Service's Health Insurance Statistical Yearbook. During the period, the cesarean delivery rate ranged from 36.6% to 42.2%. It can be seen that about 4 out of 10 newborn babies were born through Caesarean section. More specifically, in all of the 460,347 deliveries in 2001, there were 273,732 cases of natural delivery and 186,615 cases of delivery through cesarean section, and the cesarean section rate was 40.5%.

    In 2006, the ratio decreased by 4.5%p compared to 2001. Of the total 437,096 cases, the number of deliveries through the cesarean section was 157,429, accounting for 36.0% of all deliveries. In 2011, the ratio of cesarean section was similar to that of 2006. Of the total 461,426 cases, the cesarean delivery was 167,773 cases, which accounted for 36.4%.

    In 2016, the number of deliveries through cesarean section was 170,697, which was 42.2% of the 404,703 cases in total. In the case of 2016, it can be seen that the number of deliveries is the lowest and the cesarean section rate is the highest.


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