2003~2015 Current Status of Prisoners by Sex

    Date 2018-07-24

    This is the result of examining the trend of prisoners by sex and the proportion of women in the biannual period from 2003 to 2015 through Ministry of Justice‘s Women’s Statistics. During the period, female prisoners accounted for 5.3% ~ 6.4%. The number of male and female prisoners in 2003 was 53,887 and 3,651, respectively.

    In 2003, among the 57,538 prisoners, 3,651 women were women which accounted for 6.3% of the total prisoners. By 2007, the number of detainees decreased for both men and women. In 2007, the number of detainees was 43,221 and 2,426, respectively. Therefore, the percentage of women was 5.3%, which is the lowest among the survey period.


    Since then, the number of male and female detainees has increased slightly to 45,625 and 2,603 in 2009, and the percentage of women has also increased to 5.4%. By 2013, there were 2,923 women out of a total of 48,824. Therefore, the percentage of women accounted for 6.0%. In 2015, the number of prisoners increased for both males and females compared to 2013. Among them, the increase in the number of women is relatively large, indicating that 3,519 out of 54,667 people are women, which accounted for 6.4%.


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