2000~2017 Kindergarten Enrollment by Sex

    Date 2018-07-17


    This is the result of examining the number of students enrolled in kindergarten through Basic Statistics on Education by Korean Educational Development Institute. by Sex. The number of enrolled students in kindergarten was 354,451 in 2000, 320,452 in 2005, a 9.6% decrease from 2000, and 289,793 in 2010, which is about 65,000 fewer than in 2000. Since then, the number of students entering kindergarten has increased, and by 2015, 332,248 students have entered. In 2017, 308,648 students entered kindergarten.


    When we look at the kindergarten enrollment by gender, we found that the proportion of girls who entered the school was slightly less than half, and that the proportion of those who entered the school increased little by little in recent years. Specifically, among the 354,451 enrolled students in 2000, 166,983 of them were girls which accounted for 47.1% of the total enrollment in 2000. In 2005, 47.8% of enrolled kindergartners were girls.


    Among the 289,793 kindergarten enrolled students, there were 140,107 girls which accounted for 48.3% of the total enrollment in 2010. In 2017, 151,853 of the enrolled students were girls which accounted for 49.2%.


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