2016 Number of Intentional Self-harm by Sex

    Date 2018-07-03
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    This is the result of number of death caused by intentional self-harm (suicide) according to sex and age by KOSTAT’s Causes of Death Statistics. In 2016, the number of female suicide victims was the highest among the age group of 40-49 (708 persons), followed by 50-59 (669 persons), 30-39 (651 persons), 70-79 (478 persons), 80 and above (449 persons), 20-29 (395 persons), 60-69 (388 persons) and 19 and below (111 persons). For male, the number of highest suicide victims was recorded at the age group of 50-59 (2,008 persons). Followed by 40-49 (1,871 persons), 60-69 (1,395 persons), 70-79 (1,237 persons), 30-39 (1,206 persons), 20-29 (702 persons), 80 and above (662 persons) and 19 and below (162 persons).


    Looking at the sex composition of intentional-self-harm (suicide) by age group, the number of male victims is higher than female through out all ages. However by the age group reaches 60s, there was a U-shaped figure with a high percentage of women


    Specifically, in the case of teenagers and people who are 80 years or above, the proportion of female who has committed suicide was 40.7% and 40.4%, respectively, which means 4 out of 10 people who have committed suicide are female. Then it is followed by the age group of 20s (36.0%) and 30s (35.1%). In other age groups, the female proportion decreases so in the age group of 60s, the female proportion accounts for the lowest of only 21.8%, then it slightly increases in their 70s and 80s which account for 27.9% and 40.4% respectively.


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