The Number of Divorce Cases Decreased Compared to 10 Years Ago, But Harder to Figure out the Reasons for Divorce

    Date 2019-11-27



    The most common reason for divorce in both 2007 and 2017 was “irreconcilable differences”. The most common reason for divorce in 2007 was “irreconcilable differences” with 58,229 cases, followed by “others” 18,779 cases, “economic problems” 16,946 cases, “family discord” 9,982 cases and “infidelity” 9,658.


    The most common reason for divorce in 2017 was same as in 2007; “irreconcilable differences” with 45,676 cases. The second most common reason was “others” 21,195 cases, followed by “economic problems” 10,472 cases and “unidentified” 8,937 cases.


    Number of overall divorce cases in 2007 was 124,072 and it slightly decreased in 2017 to 106,032 cases. However reasons such as “others” and “unidentified” increased in 2017 where “unidentified” showed a sharp rise from 3,609 cases to 8,937 cases. Therefore, it became harder to find out about the reason for divorce.


    When quoting graphs and articles from 'Statistics Report', please cite your source as GSIS(Gender Statistics Information System) of Korean Women's Development Institute.



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