Out of 100 Women who are Aged between 60~64, 51 of them are Employed

    Date 2019-10-31


    In all ages, there was more female elderly population. However, in employed elderly population, there was more elderly male. Looking at the number of elderly population by gender, there was more female than male in all ages. The population aged between 55-59, the gap was small with 2,149,000 elderly female and 2,139,000 elderly male. However the gap gradually grew with age.


    In contrast, there was more male elderly employed population than female elderly employed population except the population aged between 75-79. When comparing the number of male and female elderly employed by the age range, in the population aged between 55-59, there were 1,353,000 female and 1,809,000 male. And in the population aged between 60-64, there were 922,000 female and 1.266.000 male. In the population aged between 65-69, there were 478,000 female and 705,000 male. Then in the population aged between 70-74, there were 336,000 female and 379,000 male. And between the ages of 75-79, there were 266,000 female and 225,000 male. As age increases, the number of male workers decreased sharply and the number of female workers decreased relatively slow with more female than male in between the ages of 75-79 in terms of population and elderly employed.



    When quoting graphs and articles from 'Statistics Report', please cite your source as GSIS(Gender Statistics Information System) of Korean Women's Development Institute.




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