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    Card News [Card News] Legislative Issues on Gender Equality Desired by the People: The 21st National Assembly Should Respond! 2020-07-07
    KWDI Brief [KWDI Brief 56] About 9 out of 10 South Koreans Support the Enactment of a Special Law Tackling Digital Sexual Crimes and the Prevention of Stalking 2020-06-30
    Card News [Card News] Secondary Victimization Caused by 'Criminal Complaints Alleging False Accusations of Sexual Crimes' 2020-06-26
    Card News [Card News] What made the 'Nth Room' Case Possible 2020-06-18
    Issue Paper [Issue Paper] A Review on the Characteristics of Female Workers Affected by the COVID 19 Crisis and an Analysis of Income Security Policies Addressing COVID 19 From a Gender Perspective 2020-05-31
    Card News [Card News] Securing Young Women Politicians Who Represent the Voices of Women 2020-05-29
    Issue Paper [Issue Paper] Secondary Victimization Casued by 'Criminal Complaints Alleging False Accusations of Sexual Criems' 2020-05-22
    KWDI Brief [KWDI Brief 55] Current Status and Recommendations on Laws and Systems Tackling Digital Sexual Crimes 2020-05-15
    Issue Paper [Issue Paper] Addressing Policy Limintations to Tackle the Discrimination and Violence Experienced by Female International Students Inside and Outside the University 2020-05-15
    Issue Paper [Issue Paper] The Implications of the South Korean Constitutional Court's Ruling on the Abortion Ban as Unconstitutional, and the Legislative Issues and Tasks for Guaranteeing Women's Rights to Terminate Preganancy 2020-04-30


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