The Number of Dating Violence Counseling Cases in 2018 was 13,289

    Date 2019-10-22


    Among the counseling cases in the 1366 women’s call center, counseling on date violence has been increasing since 2014. In 2018, there were 13,289 cases of date violence counseling. Compared to 2014 (1,591 cases), this is about 8 times higher.


    The total number of counseling cases was 352,269 in 2018. Compared to 265,792 in 2014, this is about 1.3 times higher. Although the size is small, it was a big increase.


    Sex crimes such as date violence have a characteristic of hidden crime where the cases are not well reported. Therefore, if not filed with law enforcement authorities, there is a fear that they will not be counted as official statistics. Therefore, supplementary data such as counseling statistics can be used to indirectly grasp the current status of sex crimes such as date violence.


    *Date violence: Verbal, physical, mental and sexual violence in romantic relationships (Source: Korea Women’s Hot Line, Dating Violence Guide)



    When quoting graphs and articles from 'Statistics Report', please cite your source as GSIS(Gender Statistics Information System) of Korean Women's Development Institute.



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