Wage Workers of Disabilities Who are Regular Employee Account for Only 33.1% (Women) and 48.5%(Men)

    Date 2019-10-16


    Wage workers are divided into regular employee, temporary worker, and daily worker. Among the registered wage workers with disabilities, 64.9% of them are female and 70.2% of them are male. Among the wage workers, there are 33.1% of female regular employee and 48.5% of male regular employee, where female was 15.4%p lower than male. Among the temporary workers, there are 22.1% of female and 9.8% of male where female was 12.3%p higher than male.


    For the daily workers, 9.6% were female and 11.9% were male where female was 2.3%p lower than male. For self-employed person(non-wage workers), 23.5% of them are female and 26.5% of them are male where female was 3.0%p lower than male. For unpaid family workers, 11.6% of them are female and 3.3% of them are male where female was 8.3%p higher than male. Female has a higher proportion of temporary worker and unpaid family worker than male, while male has a higher proportion of regular employee, daily worker and self-employed person than female.


    1) Wage Worker : Person who receives salary, daily wage and such

    2) Regular Employee : Person who has been employed for more than one year in employment contract or joined the company according to the dfined recruitment procedure

    3) Temporary Worker: Person who has an employment contract for more than 1 month and less than 1 year

    4) Daily Worker: Person who has been employed for less than one month and by day

    5) Self-employed Person: Person who has a business with himself or with a partner with or without employees

    6) Unpaid Family Worker: Unpaid family member who are working over 1/3 of regular working hours



    When quoting graphs and articles from 'Statistics Report', please cite your source as GSIS(Gender Statistics Information System) of Korean Women's Development Institute.




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