78.6% of Female Wage Workers Work at a Workplace without a Union

    Date 2019-09-30


    In both female and male wage workers, ‘no union’ accounted the highest percentage where for female, it was 78.6% and for male, it was 71.7%. And for female, it was 6.8%p lower than male.


    In case of ‘unionized’, female accounted for 9.4% and male accounted for 14.9% where male was 5.5%p higher than female. ‘Not eligible for union membership’ was 6.2% for female and 7.3% for male and ‘eligible for union membership but did not unionize’ was shown the lowest percentage of 5.8% for female and 6.1% for male. Compared to ‘no union’ and ‘unionized’, the differences between female and male are 1.1%p and 0.2%p respectively, which is lower than those of ‘no union’ and ‘unionized’.


    When quoting graphs and articles from 'Statistics Report', please cite your source as GSIS(Gender Statistics Information System) of Korean Women's Development Institute.



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