Obesity Rate Among Female in Their 30s is the Lowest, but Weight Loss Attempt Rate is the Highest

    Date 2019-09-18



    Obesity rate among female aged 70 and above was 41.0%, 60s 39.3%, 50s 31.7%, 40s 25.6%, 30s and aged between 19-29 18.3%, where older they got, it increased. On the other hand, obesity rate for male in their 30s was highest at 46.7%, 40s 44.7%, 50s 44.3%, aged between 19-29 39.0%, 60s 36.7%, aged 70 and above 25.3%, where it lowered gradually as they aged. Compared to male, female obesity rate was lower than that of male's by 28.4%p in their 30s, 20.7% aged between 19-29, 19.1%p in their 40s, and 12.6%p in their 50s. However, since in their 60s, female obesity rate increased compared to male's.


    Moreover, female weight loss attempt rate in their 30s (78.0%), aged between 19-29 (74.9%), 40s (67.0%), 50s (66.0%), 60s (64.8%), and aged 70 and above (36.7%p). And for male in their 60s (60.1%), 50s (59.5%), 40s (57.0%), 30s (53.7%), aged between 19-29 (52.9%), and aged 70 and above (42.7%).


    At all ages, female weight loss attempt rate was higher than that of male's in all ages, except in aged 70 and above. In particular, female in their 30s and aged between 19-29 showed highest difference of 24.3%p and 22.0%p respectively.


    *Obesity rate: Among the proportion of respondents (aged 19 and above) with body mass index (BMI, kg/m²) of 25 or more


    ** Weight loss attempt rate: The percentage of people who have tried to lose weight on their own for the past year with a body mass index of 25kg/m² or more.


    When quoting graphs and articles from 'Statistics Report', please cite your source as GSIS(Gender Statistics Information System) of Korean Women's Development Institute.



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