Employment Rate for Medical Science and Pharmacy is the Highest with 83.5% for Female and 8.39% for Male with the Smallest Gap

    Date 2019-09-18



    The major field of study where female employment rate is high is in order of medical science and pharmacy 83.5%, engineering 64.5%, arts and physical education 59.2%, social science 58.9%, natural science 57.3%, humanities 53.8%, and education 47.7%. The major field of study where male employment rate is high is in order of medical science and pharmacy 83.9%, engineering 68.7%, arts and physical education 65.4%, social science 62.4%, natural science 61.4%, humanities 58.6%, and education 44.8%, which is in the same order as the female.


    Except for the major field in education, male employment rate was higher than female in all major field of study, especially in arts and physical education where the difference was 6.2%p. The difference of employment rate is followed by 4.8%p in humanities, 4.2%p in engineering, 4.1%p in natural science and 3.5%p in social science. In the major fiend in medical science and pharmacy, there was only 0.4%p difference in employment rate between female and male where it has the highest employment for both sexes with minor differences. On the other hand, only one field where female employment is higher than male is in the field of education where female employment rate is 2.9%p higher than that of male. However the employment rate is the lowest among all major field of study.


    * Employment Rate = Employed / {Graduates - (Advanced into Higher Schooling - Enlisted + Unable to Work + Foreign Students + Exempt)} × 100


    When quoting graphs and articles from 'Statistics Report', please cite your source as GSIS(Gender Statistics Information System) of Korean Women's Development Institute.



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