1985~2016 Trend on the Number of Inpatients Accepted at the Welfare Facilities for Persons with Disabilities by Sex

    Date 2018-12-31


    This is the result of looking at Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Statistical Yearbook of Health and Welfare on the the number of Inpatients accepted at the welfare facilities for persons with disabilites by sex. As of the end of 2016, 12,052 women were housed in welfare facilities for the disabled, and 18,928 for men. 38.9% of the total inpatients were women. In 1985, the number of inpatients for welfare facilities for the disabled was 3,579 for women and 7,547 for men and women accounted for 38.4%. In 1995, the number of inpatients was 5,788 for women and 9,052 for men, and the proportion of women was 39.0%. In 2000, it was recorded at 40.3%, exceeding 40%. In 2005, the number of women and male inpatients was 7,808 and 11,860 respectively. By 2010, there were 9,466 women and 14,929 men.


    On the other hand, the number of inpatients in welfare facilities for the disabled has been increasing steadily for both men and women in the five-year period from 1985. By 1985, the number of women inpatients increased by 3.4 times in 2016. And men have increased by 3.3 times. Within this increase, the proportion of women inpatients remains at a relatively constant level of around 40%.





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