2010~2016 Number of Businesses by the Representatives' Sex and the Percentage of Female Owned Businesses

    Date 2018-12-17

    This is the result of looking at KOSTAT’s Survey of Business Activities between 2010~2016 on the number of businessses by the representatives’ sex. Of the total 3,950,192 businesses in 2016, 1,496,943 businesses were represented by women, representing 37.9% of the total, or just four out of ten.


    In 2010, of the total 3,355,470 businesses, 1,247,857 were represented by women which accounted for 37.2%. In 2012, of the total 3,602,476 businesses, 1,355,845 businesses were represented by women, which accounted for 37.6%. In 2014, among the 3,812,820 businesses, there were 1,435,866 busiesses represented by women which accounted for 37.7%.


    Since 2010, both women and men owned businesses have increased steadily. The number of women owned businesses increased from 1.248 million in 2010 to 149.7 million in 2016. During the same period, men owned businesses increased from 210.8 million to 2.445 million. During this period, the percentage of women owned businesses did not show a significant change. As we have seen, the lowest rate was 37.2% in 2010 and 37.9% in 2016.



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