Life Expectancy at Birth by Sex between 1970~2016

    Date 2018-12-03


     It is the result of dividing life expectancy at birth by sex according to the life tables of KOSTAT. According to the results, life expectancy at birth in 2016 was 85.4 years for women, 79.3 years for men where women had 6.1 years of longer life expectancy. Life expectancy at birth is what is calculated at a person's birth at 0 year old at that designated year. Recent trend shows both women and men have longer life expectancy.


    The life expectancy of women born in 1970 was 65.8 years, and the life expectancy of women born in 1980 (10 years later) was 70.4 years which was 4.6 years longer than in the 70s. By 1990, women's life expectency incarsed to 75.9 years which is 10.1 years longer than 1970. And in 2010, it went pass 80 years reaching 83.6 years.


    Male life expectancy was also steadily lengthened from 58.7 years in 1970 to 61.9 years in 1980, and 67.5 years in 1990 which were respectively lengthened by 3.2 years and 8.8 years. In 2000, the life expectancy of men was 72.3 years, exceeding 70 years and it 2010, it was 76.8 years which is lengthened by 18.1 years than 1970.


    The women's life expectancy at birth in 1970 was 7.1 years longer than that of men, and the difference gradually decreased as the time went by: 8.5 years in 1980, 8.4 years in 1990, 7.4 years in 2000, and 6.8 years in 2010.


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