Political Mamas

    Type Visiting Gender Equality Support Organization
    Date 2019-08-01
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    Political Mamas
    Cho Sung-sil, Co-chair

    Who We are
    Political Mamas originated from the Hankyoreh’s weekend column that started being published in early 2017. At that time, Rep. Jang Ha-na, a young proportional representative member of the 19th National Assembly, began writing columns regarding mothers and politics with the main purpose of gathering people who would participate in the initiative. To this end, she visited the editor-in-chief of the Hankyoreh. Deeply impressed by her words; ‘If you are of one mind with me, let’s meet and work together,’ I went to meet her in a heartbeat. As a result, we met for the first time on April 22 with likeminded people of 30~40. They told very touching and various stories about their lives, explaining why they decided to join the gathering and what they wanted to do. This led to setting up a committee for promoting the establishment of a non-profit organization. As a result, the inaugural general meeting for the organization was held on June 11. Lee Go-eun, Jang Ha-na, and Cho Sung-sil, who were appointed as co-chairs of the group, first met in April when the first gathering was held. We were desperate and ardent enough to very actively push ahead with the scheme. The initiative was firmly based on the sense of solidarity and kinship coming from the identity of mothers. We prepared to set up the organization via online channels that operate on a 24/7 basis, holding an offline meeting of the preparatory committee once a week. We frequently communicated via phone to share roles. Our aim is to create an ideal society and a better labor environment where mothers do not lose their self-esteem and can enjoy decent lives as members of society. In the process of trying to apply our ideas to our group culture, our organization has consistently grown in size. In May, we published a book titled ‘Political Mamas are The Ultimate Winners’, co-authored by about 10 members. We also appeared on an SBS TV program titled ‘Emergence of Angry Moms’ and various other programs against the backdrop of issues surrounding private kindergartens which grabbed keen attention from our society. These have caused the number of members to jump significantly.


    Please refer to the attached pdf file to find out more about this organization


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