Women Making Peace

    Type Visiting Gender Equality Support Organization
    Date 2018-10-10
    File 6.Women Making Peace_Final.pdf [ 57.83 KB ]

    Women Making Peace

    Women Making Peace was founded in 1997 and celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017. The purpose of the establishment was to “make peace ono the Korean Peninsula with the power of women”. In other words, we thought that if we do not overcome the division, we will not be able to escape the difficulties and the fetters of life faced by Korean women. We believe that the reason why women’s life on the Korean Peninsula is hard is because of male-centered geography due to “militaryism” stemming from the “division” and the “patriarchal system” reinforced by the “separation”. Throughout the Korean War and the history of the separation, there have been a number of female widows, children who lost their parents, and women diaspora scattered from their original places of living. Within the context, Women Making Peace has been established to create a new frame to overcome this problem with the awareness of the negative impacts of the division on women’s life and to build peace on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia with the power of women.

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