Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center

    Type Visiting Gender Equality Support Organization
    Date 2018-08-29
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    Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center

    In 1990, sexual violence has been considered as “private” or “matter of female chastity” in Korean society, which prevented victims from speaking out on the issues of sexual violence and receiving any appropriate assistant or support. Within this context, in 1991, Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center (KSVRC) opened its door to reveal that sexual violence is a matter of social structure resulting from power relations between gender and to support and counsel victims. Since KSVRC was opened, various cases of sexual violence have been received and KSVRC felt urged to solve the cases and to support care of sexual violence survivors together.

    In 1994, KSVRC opened survivor shelter to help victims to return to daily life and prepare for a new life. The shelter was named as “Yeolimteo” which means that ‘though it may be painful and difficult now, I will open my new life for tomorrow.’ Since its opening, more than 400 people visited Yeolimteo. Yeolimteo offers various programs for the female victims to recover their self-esteem and participate in vocational training and education for their economic independence.



    Please refer to the pdf file to find out more about what they do and offer for the Korean working women.


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