Korea Women's Political Solidarity

    Type Visiting Gender Equality Support Organization
    Date 2018-08-22
    File 2. Korea Women’s Political Solidarity.pdf [ 48.39 KB ]

    Korea Women's Political Solidarity


    Korea Women’s Political Solidarity (KWPS) was established in November 1999 with 3,228 founding members. So far, KWPS has been leading the movement to ensure women’s empowerment, equal political rights and representation, and as well as advancement of true democratic ideals in Korea. In particular, in 2014, KWPS was transformed into a research institute to conduct research on current political situation and political participation of women, and carry out activities based on the research results. In this way, KWPS promotes research activism in which research and activities are carried out together and as KWPS is situated outside the regulatory system, there is the advantage of being able to raise our voice.

    Recently, KWPS conducted interview with the members of the National Assembly to reflect on 2014 Local election and identified what changes should be made to make this year’s local election more accessible to the public. In case of the vice president of KWPS, press conferences on the constitutional amendment for equal political representation was held in front of the Blue House and announced the introduction of active measures, elimination of violence and discrimination against women, and guaranteeing the right to equal representation in elected and nominated positions.


    Please refer to the pdf file to find out more about what they do and offer for the Korean women.


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