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Research Projects


Research Goal 2018 Research Trend


Providing a foundation for a society with sustainable gender equality and the spreading of such a culture

o Enhancing the effectiveness of gender equality through the integration of men into the process.
o Strengthening female representation and leadership in the political, social, and public sectors.
o Presenting the current government’s policy directions toward gender equality and suggesting alternatives based on gender equality.
o Developing tasks related to policies about women and the family in preparation for the re-unification of the country.

Enhancing gender equality in national policies and the effectiveness of measures related to gender mainstreaming

o Strengthening the feedback structure for gender impact analyses and assessment of central and local governments in order to improve governmental policies.
o Strengthening the capabilities of policy players for the promotion of gender equality.
o Creating effective linkages between gender-impact analyses and assessment and gender-sensitive budgets.
o Vitalizing the gender-sensitive budget system in order to establish a foundation for the pursuit of gender equality.
o Production and application of basic statistics in the pursuit of gender equality.
o Production and application of big data in order to understand trends in policies toward women.

Developing a family policy agenda and alternatives to the current period of low fertility rates and population aging

o Developing inclusive policies of family support in the current environment of increasing low fertility rates
o Developing family policies in response to diversifying family patterns
o Establishing care support policies in response to changing family patterns
o Building a family-friendly environment for child birth and rearing through diffusing family-friendly institutions

Expanding women’s employment and improving the current situation of gender discrimination in the labor market

o Improving the current conditions of gender inequality in the labor market, such as gender-based disparities in wages.
o Eliminating blind spots in work-family balance policies and improving the workplace culture.
o Increasing employment of various groups of women, including female youths.
o Increasing managerial and decision-making positions for women in the private sector.

Developing policies to cultivate and utilize female human resources, based on life-cycle stages, in preparation for the fourth Industrial Revolution

o Creating jobs for women in response to the fourth Industrial Revolution
o Supporting a future-oriented cultivation of female human resources and gender-equality-oriented career guidance in secondary and higher-education institutions
o Developing future-oriented female leadership in the public and private sectors
o Supporting delivery systems and governance in order to prevent career discontinuation and to vitalize re-employment

Strengthening the effectiveness of policies for the prevention of gender-based violence and the promotion of rights

o Evaluating the achievements and enhancing the effectiveness of gender-based violence prevention policies
o Identifying blind spots in gender-based violence victimization and developing solution plans for it
o Modifying laws and regulations related to women’s rights and the family and enhancing their effectiveness
o Presenting plans to promote the rights of single mothers

Promoting women’s safety and strengthening women’s healthcare

o Establishing basic policy directions for women’s safety, focusing on their everyday lives and building infrastructure
o Systemizing women’s health care and promoting maternity protection
o Doing research on health policies, based on gender equality, in order to eliminate health inequality between women and men

Internationalization of research ability and vitalization of ODA (Official Development Assistance) projects

o Ongoing research exchanges and dissemination of all research results through international policy networks