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Research Projects


Research Goal 2017 Research Trend


Reinforce gender equality culture and increase awareness

ㅇ Improve gender equal leadership
ㅇ Strengthen gender equal values of female youth groups for preparing their future
ㅇ Develop agendas to reinforce gender equality in political and social fields.
ㅇ Establish the direction for a long term development of gender equal policies and discover policy issues
ㅇ Discover agendas to actively fulfill gender equality in local communities

Create feamale employment policy responses to economic and social changes

ㅇ Settle policies for compatibility of work and family life and improve work culture
ㅇ Recipe for active employment of females according to each period of their lives
ㅇ Enhance support in policies for employment of women in disadvantaged class

Support female talents in publicㆍprivate sector and strengthen women’s representativeness

ㅇ Foster and support female administrators in companies
ㅇ Foster and build up experience for female talents according to the period of their lives
ㅇ Improve and utilize competency customized according to each individual female

Eliminate violence against women and promote women’s human rights

ㅇ Strengthen policy infrastructures to construct a social environment relating to the prevention of violence against women
ㅇ Uncover blind spots that are victimized by violence and reinforce prevention policies
ㅇ Modify legislations related to women’s rights and family lives, and improve their effectiveness

Enhance women’s safety and reinforce women’s healthcare and maternity protection

ㅇ Set the basic direction of female safety policies closely related to everyday lives and construct an infrastructure
ㅇ Research health-risk factors for women according to the period of their lives and their gender, and seek recipes to reform related policies
ㅇ Systemize the care for women’s health and enhance protection of motherhood
ㅇ Research social issues regarding content pregnancy and childbirth and draw up a recipe to reform related policies

Responses to changes in family environment, develop new family policy agenda and improve effectiveness

ㅇ Research family policy responding to the diversification of family types
ㅇ Develop family support policies in regard to worsened low birthrates
ㅇ Strengthen support for compatibility of work and family life through spreading family friendly corporate policies
ㅇ Uncover policy issues related to the diversification of multi-cultural families.
ㅇ Discover agendas for creating a family friendly environment in local communities

Promote gender equality in national policies and enhance effectiveness of gender mainstreaming policies

ㅇ Establish systemization of the reflux of policies regarding legislations, plans and programs by the government and local governments.
ㅇ Research recipes for the linkage between gender impact assessment and evaluation and gender sensitive budget system.
ㅇ Enhance support for increasing effectiveness of the gender impact assessment and evaluation system

Improve effectiveness of gender budgeting policies on promoting gender equality

ㅇ Improve the effect of gender equal reforms on the financial program through strengthened performance management of the business regarding gender sensitive budget and accounts
ㅇ Seek possibility of a linkage with the performance management system of the government’s financial program
ㅇ Discern the degree of improvement on the government’s gender equality through enforcing gender sensitive budgets and accounts system

Establish and apply gender statistics for gender mainstreaming and to realize gender equality

ㅇ Construct and expand the gender sensitive statistical system and increase its availability
ㅇ Increase the production of basic statistics to carry out policies for gender equality
ㅇ Base study on the production of big data to discern the trend of policy for women

Develop and activate international cooperation projects

ㅇ Improvement on exchange of research through international policy networks
ㅇ Exchange of human resources to share and spread research results
ㅇ Share and spread research results and experiences internationally
ㅇ Spread gender equal culture and improve awareness of it through research and programs for “Better Life for Girls, BLG”